Speaking to my Cousin Julio, he served as a Corrections officer in Miami and is now in the school system in South Florida.
Current projects:
I am working on the Podcast you see above, the idea is digital couch time with the young children in my family who will sometime soon be educating themselves on Youtube as are so many other children. This Podcasts main focus is Perception and how it changes as you age. The hopes in this project is to educate a many as possible on the great changes a simple shift in your perception can give you. It also covers a variety of topics such as MMA, Lacrosse, Entrepreneurship, Relationships, and life in general. 

I am currently working with Puerto Rico LAX to try and setup the first International Lacrosse team from Puerto Rico.  We are setting up Clinics for the spring and summer where anyone under the age of 18 can come and play for free. Further details coming soon. If you want to keep in contact with Puerto Rico Lax please
 follow us on Instagram Facebook and Twitter or go to the site Puerto Rico Lax

I am also seeking the opportunity to find a contracted position to build websites for company's I believe in, I also manage social networks. Is this something that has your company under noticed? Let's talk today. 
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