Perception Therapy Podcast

Special Guest Andy, We will cover many topics. MMA, Family, Hobbies, Such as Lacrosse stringing. We cover the perception of our parents as grandparents and the difference.

Special Guests Rose and George Tourono, They join me from Australia, come find out what a Hoolie is.

Special Guest Stephanie Maya, my sister joins me to speak about our childhood now that we have children of our own.

Special Guest Jaime Puche, we speak on many things men who step in a do a better job being a father than the biological father.

Special Guest Macsen Apollo, He is the creator of Elation, a hemp flavored vodka, the first of its kind. We speak about being an entrepenuer.

Special Guest Tiffany Acosta, My sister, we speak on our children and our understanding of situations from our childhood.

Special Guest Anthony Feliciano, a buddy I met on Google+ a few years ago, he is a musician and comedian. Enjoy

Special Guest Patricia Contreras, My mother, the one who made this all possible.

Special Guest Rick Coteus, of Blackfeet Lacrosse. Rick makes Lacrosse Sticks from wood, as an owner of 4 of his Lacrosse Shafts I can attest he makes a quality product that is enjoyable to use for hours at a time.

Special Guest Tanya Losada Brennan, Tanya was my step mother from ages 4-12. She is an amazing woman who showed a young man a lot of love. I speak with her after a long absence, she has a beautiful family of her own with 3 handsome boys.

Special Guest Michael Marrota, A buddy from Google Plus. He is a talented musician. Making a move to the Big Apple, and very excited about it. Can't wait to here is before hand perception so we can catch the post move view.

I will be stringing 2 lacrosse sticks, and discussing Puerto Rico Lacrosse. Among other things.

Special guest Julian Alonso he is taking his passion for football to the country of Colombia

Special Guest Chazz Woodson, He is a future MLL Hall of Fame Lacrosse player, he is a Coach for youth Lacrosse at the High School Level, he is also involved in Leadership training. Come enjoy my conversation with a living legend.

Stringing Therapy, Just me shooting the breeze while I string another lacrosse stick.

More Lacrosse String Therapy.

Update, I had to remove the music (thanks Youtube), so I am not just having a seizure, I was listening to James Brown, and Parliament.

Special Guest Andrew Cruz, Andrew is one of my former athletes I had the privilege of Coaching. I coached him for his last 2 years of High School and now he is in the process of starting a team for a school he is currently employed at. He is a Graduate from University of Miami.

Stringing a Pita Pocket

Just me, talking about different topics, including Conor McGregor retiring? Puerto Rico Lacrosse, etc.

Just me shooting the breeze and a news update, talking MMA, Lacrosse MLL, and Hockey NHL playoffs.

Special Guest Monica Reinhard, Another athlete I had the privilege of Coaching at Palmer Trinity School, she now plays for Florida State University Women's Lacrosse team. We talk about moving to the next level of the Lacrosse journey for her and how she is making her mark with her new team.

Special Guest Vivian Vargas, my cousin from New Jersey. We reminisce over our childhood together. Funny stories, some sad.

Just me doing some analysis on current events, including Orlando mass shooting.

Special Guest Arvin "Ace" from Lotus club Miami a Jiu Jitsu school . I had the honor of being invited to train in his gym before moving to Puerto Rico.

Special Guest Victor "Kid Glyde" Alicea, my cousin and World Famous Breakdancing Bboy. Just recently went to Colombia to help spread the art of Breakdancing. We speak on an array of topics, including parenting, and following your heart in life.

Speaking with 2 friends from my military service, who now serve in Law Enforcement in their home cities of New York and Philadelphia. We speak on the current state of Policing and the public outrage that has become their daily threat. I respected these men before they ever dawned a badge, and I respect them even more that they take the risk of their occupations.

Special Guest Anthony, a friend since High School, (one of the few who made the life filtering process)

Special Guest Julio Contreras, my second cousin on my mothers side. Julio spent time working in Corrections, he now works for the school district. My cousin has been through a lot and he shares his story including an old addiction to pain medication and a drastic weight loss thanks to the lapband procedure he endured. I have learned a lot from my cousin in my life, come steal some great information. No worries its free.

Special Guest Vivian Vargas, my cousin returning for her second episode, she speaks about her sons father's health issues, and the difficulties of having family on life support.

Special Guest David Peery, he is a Homeless Advocate in South Florida.

Special Guest D, another friend from the Air Force days. You don't want to miss this episode. I can guarantee some laughs.

Just a welcome to the New Year, brief recap of UFC 207. Puerto Rico Lax updates.

Special Guest Instructor Ace, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Instructor and Practitioner at Lotus Club Miami. Former MMA fighter. We will be introducing his new Saturday All Females all free self defense class. As well as going over UFC 207 from this past friday.

Valentines wishes for everyone.

For Brandon Pugh's family,

Just checking in with some current events

For Brandon Pugh's family,

Special Guest Adam Fiegle, a buddy from the Air Force Days. We will be sharing some memories of Brandon Pugh, may he Rest in Peace.

For Brandon Pugh's family,

Special Guest Rafael Mas, My tech school teacher. He has an amazing story about how he got to Miami from Cuba.

For Brandon Pugh's family,

Going over a few organizational tips using Google Calendar, Google Keep together.

Woodworking a Lacrosse stick, using my new home made shave horse and draw knife.

Update after Hurricane Irma

Perception Therapy Podcast #41 Joe Constantino