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This is not a screen image, this is an actual photo of a barcode imbedded on the wood.

Introducing the #Woogital line.

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Quality of the print is subject to change due to variations in the wood. We can work together to decide on a good place for your piece to be branded.

Large Bark Ashtray


This item comes heavily oiled as the bark will not last without it.

Large Live Edge Bowl/Ashtray

(Squared edge)


This item comes with rounded edges (see below)

Large Bark Debowler Ashtray


This ashtray has a debowler feature to empty pipes and water pipe stems.

Small Barrel style ashtray


These styles come in 2 sizes small and large

Medium Live Edge Bowl/Ashtray

(Rounded edge)


Also has a squared edge option see above

Small Barrel with grooving


Also comes in large size

Hair Pins


Single hair pins not set